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Improve the learning ability of your students

How a child memorised a 3 hours long movie in just a glance, and he struggles to memorised and retain 300 words long essay. There is some connection between both. So get the connection clear we have Mr Himanshu Pathak a graphologist by profession, with an expert in memory technique & parenting program.

When we teach to our students, we put our heart & soul. But we find it very discouraging if a student couldn’t able to retain what we have taught. Have you ever thought why? The answer lies in watching a movie & How I will let you know in a jiffy.

We all live under lots of stress, but the most affected community is those of students. If you dig to find out the answer why? you will get two answer

  1. To achieve something
  2. To avoid pain

And a student who doesn’t think rationally they do all the things to avoid pain. They will do homework not to learn something but to avoid teachers scolding. But the same thing is not true in the case of watching a movie. Students love to watch movies, but they hate to study. And the hate is due to lack of interest.

Why does a student like to watch a movie or TV. Because they find a connection with it. They find themselves while watching a movie. We take interest in those thing connects us. So let’s see how students are more connected to TV rather than studies

While making the connection, the First thing we observed are colours. Second is the sound. The third is the moving frames. These three things are used to build connection. And all these things lack in our textbook, due to which students find it dull & boring. But nowadays we are using projectors or youtube video to integrate these 3 features. But there is the Fourth feature, a student likes to see “I” in everything. What’s in it there for me. With movies, students correlate themselves with the actor or actress whom they see and want to adopt the uniqueness which shows in the movie. So there are these 5 features which make watching a movie an interesting activity

  1. Colours
  2. Audio
  3. Moving Frames
  4. I – What’s In It There For Me
  5. Uniqueness

So if we take into consideration these 5 features while teaching, it is proven that student tends to remember & retain more. Our brain restricts the unfamiliar things, this is the peculiar quality of the brain. But by making things familiar to the brain it will welcome all the things.

Whenever a child do rote learning, he uses the weak sense ie. audio sense. So after putting maximum effort he couldn’t able to retain. So a student can better retain things when the concept is presented in a package of these 5 features.

Students are putting their hard effort into learning things but the problem is they just want to avoid pain, and not to achieve something. So we as a teacher have to make them understand the benefits of our subject in their life & career. Drive your student away from the pain & inculcate the habit of gain in their life

Due to poor connection with students, the students suffer a lot. So as a teacher we have to build a strong relationship with our students. We need to apply those 5 features in our teaching, and students will automatically start enjoying your teaching.

Sometimes a few simple techniques can play a wonderful role in learning. So give it a try and see the difference.

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