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As class owners are we all a leader? If yes, then as a leader you need to fulfil two major responsibilities

  1. We need to take care of our entrepreneurial/business journey
  2. We need to build a leadership spirit among our students 

By keeping these two responsibilities in front of class owners, Mr Amit Singhania introduced our wonderful speaker. The speaker is a certified trainer, a motivational speaker, a CEO coach, a corporate educator & facilitator, a leadership & finance expert and an author. Apart from that, he is also associated with SP Jain institute of management across all their campus ( Mumbai, Singapore & Dubai ).

Why leadership is important for all of us & how we as a class owner can implement leadership within ourselves. He believes leadership is very much important in today’s world. There are economical, societal, political & technological reasons why we need leaders. He looks every class owner as a budding leader.

He put forward the question in front of all the class owners. What is the need for creating future leaders? Which was fairly answered by a few of the class owners like

  1. A leader can be visionary and be the torchbearer for others
  2. A leader is required for improving society 
  3. The current education system is creating more followers than leaders.

Each one us as a class owner is in a situation to inspire others into greatness. As we interact every day with young minds, which can be influenced easily. Who can be coached to think independently as a leader. But the question is how well we as class owners do & what will happen if we create those future leaders among our students ? 

We all have a couple of favourite teachers in our life. The teacher is not who just knows his/her subject well but at the same time, the teacher should touch the heart & engage students with his/her teaching abilities.

He started narrating the story of his own life, as a student, he was very much influenced by his history teacher Mr R. K Sharma. As you all know every teacher is given the nickname by their students. So does Mr R. K Sharma was given the nickname “SHERA” by his students. SHERA was a history teacher & his storytelling ability was very effective, students will get engaged and listen to his subjects for hours. At the same time Mr Sridhar’s Maths teachers who were equipped with multiple academic degrees, but he as not as engaging as SHERA was. Though SHERA was not a PhD holder but there as a huge difference in the way they both used to teach their subject. 

Mr Shridhar talks about 35 years of evidence-based research. He will not going to talk about how Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Barak Obama as a leader. But how the common man can be a leader. He introduced a book and requested everyone to read “The leadership challenge by James M Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner”. The book contains the wealth of inspirational stories on how ordinary people can make things extraordinary by being leaders in everyday life.

As a human what we look upon a person as a leader & whose direction you will likely follow. There are many qualities like self-control, dependable, people skills & many others that a leader should possess. But the research & statistics show that 84% of people admire HONESTY as the topmost quality which a leader should possess. We all want our leaders to be honest. So honesty is the topmost quality, then at number 2 is competent & inspiring and then at number 3 is forward-looking & rest of the quality which we can think of in a leader follows beneath. He later discussed each quality in details as follows

  1. Honesty: Somebody who speaks the truth, shows transparency, whatever he preaches he practices. 
  2. Competent & Inspiring
    1. Competent: Somebody who is skilled in his/her vocation & people wants to learn from them.
    2. Inspiring: The way that person presents himself/herself inspire you to follow them. Not somebody forces you to follow but you willingly follow them.
  3. Forward-looking: Capability to envision the future and quickly adapt themselves 

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Every moment the way we talk, walk, speak, converse, or either sleep our constituents are looking at us & judging us. In our case, it is our students. Our students keep on judging us on various parameters, but they will always judge you on above-mentioned parameters first. You as a class owner, you should display these traits in front of your students. Eg: If you are honest and you are asking them to be honest you have must wider influence on your students, you drive that trait in them. Rather if you are not as honest and you are asking them to be honest, then what happens? there would be a credibility gap and wider the gap the lesser influence you have on your students.

As a class owner sometimes you feel students are not fully engaged with you, whatever could be the reason. If we assume 70% of the students are engaged during your lecture. Taking an example of a class of 10 students, 7 students are fully engaged with you and 3 are not. 

The statistics show the if you are happy as a customer, you will go and tell 3 people. But if you are unhappy as a customer you will practically tell 27 people which is 9 times of people who are saying good words about you. That means those 3 unhappy students have the power to overtake those 7 students who are saying positive about you and spread negativeness about your classes. 

What difference will it make if you increase the engagement from 7 to 8 or 9 students? the negative power will subdue with more positiveness. 

It makes a lot of sense for us as a class owner to keep students engaged within our lecture, because the more you engage the more is the output. The more is the output as a teacher, the more is the output from the students. The most important thing, apart from being a teacher you are also an entrepreneur. So you need to keep convert these numbers into the business.

In business, we have a term named as “Net Promoter Score (NPS)” which defined as how many people do your customer go and tell, and how likely are they refer to you onwards among their peers and remember you onwards. So you as a leader should attempt to increase their NPS score and should overcome the negativeness.

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Mr Shridhar then unveils the research done by Jim Posner ( author of the book ) shows that when leaders who frequently use these 5 practises they get 95% of student engagement. This is compared to when a leader who follows these 5 practise once in a while they get only 4.2% student engagement rate. Which is a very huge difference. 

As unfortunately, we don’t have any leadership learning curriculum program in our education, we don’t have proper knowledge about how to implement & imbibe leadership. So we fail to leave the mark. How good it will be if we inculcate leadership learning in our curriculum from day one, the impact that we can observe within our students will be immense. You as a class owner start practising leadership within you and start developing the leadership skills within your students as well. 

Don’t ask your student to play safe and go after the security, ask them to be bold & courageous and be the leader throughout their life. 

The research base 5 practises are as follows : 

  1. Model The Way
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision
  3. Challenge The Process
  4. Enable Others To Act
  5. Encourage The Heart 

1) Model The Way: Identity those values that defined us. Find the answer to “Who are you”. Find your core value and purpose. And talk about it to our student. Students are well informed about “What we do”, but we need to also inform them “Who are you”. 

Do you know what are the first 3 questions students asked before they join your classes? They most likely to ask, 

    1. Who is that particular class owner (about your inner traits)
    2. Where is he going (about your vision)
    3. Why should I follow him (are you inspirational for them)

If there are dropouts in your classes, one of the reason would be, the student fails to know “Who are you” as a teacher or as a person. They thought something when they joined your classes, but then they realised their aspirations, their needs, their emotions, their desire to move forward probably are not being aligned. Hence they felt less inspire and start searching for a new option for their career. But if they knew who you are, and suppose if they face a challenge during their learning and they see you as a person who can bring them up from all their challenges they will stick with you. But if they don’t know “Who you are” and they are just looking at your classroom persona, it could be different from “who you are” they disengage. As they don’t know the real person behind their class teacher. If you attempt to help them not just inside the classroom, but outside the classroom as well as an individual that will have a lasting impact on them. And start delivering what you promise with your students.

As research says when you as a leader follow through your promises and the commitment your engagement with your student in the classroom will be 74% higher when you do very frequently vs 12% when you do never or rarely. All you have to do is keep your promises. As long as you care about your student & deliver what you promise. Your engagement with students will be doubled. 

A motivational speaker Maya Angelou from the USA says: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. A very profound statement, which is so true in our case. We are the masters in our subject, in mastering the subject we sometimes forget to show empathy towards our students. That causes disengagement. To show care or empathy, you need to first know “ Who are you “. 

All the leader, it can be any Mr Modi, Mr Gandhi, Mr Obama etc. They all know “who they are or who they were”, they drag so many people along with them for a common cause or purpose.

2) Inspire a Shared Vision: It’s about envisioning the future, what the future holds for each one of us. But the future has to be exciting. If the future is not exciting enough, most likely you will not likely to inspire others. You students who come to know, what is their anticipation from you or your classes. You have to understand the wavelength of your student within their age group. Student hates the part of writing and mugging up the boring notes. You need to show them how to deal with this and prepared them for an amazing technological future. 

Are you in position to excite student about their future along with holding the present? The things a student wants to hear from you are inspiring words. Tell them what is your vision as a class owner for your students? Do you have an exciting vision for them? if you don’t, please make a vision for each & every student of your class. If you showcase an exciting vision for them, your student will engage with you not just during the course of their coaching classes, but they will come back to you after 15 years and say you made the diff in my life. 

One is the transaction and other is the relationship, what do you want a simple transaction or you want to leave a legacy full of relationships. You vision first for you and then for your students should be exciting and ennobling. The spark you ignite in the mind of the student goes a long way and if you want to leave a legacy you can’t force them into it you have to invite them to join their exciting future journey with you. And this is possible if you have a powerful vision for you and your students. The impact of sharing exciting future with your students lead them to work hard & this leads to better engagement. 

3) Challenge The Process: As you, all are aware of how technology is playing a vital role in today’s business. The way digital & other technology will impact you & your business is drastic. And if you are not challenging the process either you will miss the bus or your student will join some other bus but not yours. Is the change difficult? If you do not resist the change the change is easy, but most people by default resist change. And hence become it difficult, most of us don’t go with the flow. This is because we are lying in our comfort zone. Because there is a deep-rooted fear that we may miss something in present to catch up with the future change that is happening, we do not act on the change. What will happen to the thing that resists the change? Down the line, we will become “DINOSAURS” an extinct species ie. you will soon be out of your business if you don’t accept the digital change.

Start analysis your future with the resource that you have in present. Lots of teachers lose connection with their students, as they are still using traditional methods. They lose their credibility. When the trust is broken? you always leave the hard mark this will impact your business 

Adopting the technology for process, learning within your classroom is the foremost requirement of today’s generation. 

Your ability to challenge the process is to find the opportunities outside. Today you are overloaded with so much information, that you can look & search how people are doing thing differently to get better results & adopt those methods. How can you augment your teaching, learning, management, process with the help of technological? Technology is the best catalyst to augment your processes

Squadl.com is the best class management software that can augment your entire operational & marketing process hassle-free. And with its beautifully designed mobile app for the parents under your class name increase the efficiency of communication with parents

The only way all of us can battle change and successfully manage change is by experimenting and taking risk step by step. There are no other means, start small, take the first step, you may be successful you or may struggle to move to the next step but keep moving. Technology is a great enabler. 

Best leaders are the best learner & early technology adopters. The leader asks what can be learned from the failure that we have got in the past. When you are a teacher encourage students to try out new & innovating way of doing things, 94% of your students are more likely to work hard, rather than telling them this is how you must do it and there is no other way. We need to help students to grow & build their abilities, a place where students have full freedom to try out whatever methods they want to get themselves equipped. 

As we don’t know which method is useful for that particular child to learn. If you let your students find out what is the best way they learn and give then the freedom to do it you will get 94% time they will work harder for you and themselves. But they required leaders to change & challenge the traditional processes. Ignite the spark of self-learning. When children fail to do well in the examination our immediate reaction is to scold them or thrash them. Instead of being harsh on them, ask them the question, what can we learn from it and how you can improve it the next exam. For that student, you as a leader will be more effective than as a teacher who keeps on nagging with everything. Make your student learn how to learn. Use technology to identify their performance graph and give them a better solution.

Leaders create that learning ability co-efficient in their follower. As a teacher, we are so engrossed in teaching that you forgot the process of building learning ability co-efficient in your students. If you ignite the spark of learning ability into your children, they will learn and not just learn they will outperform. The best scientist is not who invent things, the best scientist is those who ignite the ability in others to create thing better than what they do. 

4) Enable Others to Act: This is what we all as teachers are doing day-in and day-out with our students. Enabling others to act is constant-collaboration and building trust, strengthen others and increasing their self-confidence. The statistics say, when you as a leader give your student the fair deal of choosing how do they would like to study, the students are 78% more confident than when you don’t give them the freedom. Find the inner potential among your students and see how miraculously they perform. The leadership starts from within which enable others to choose their path and make them more responsible for the work they liked to do. 

The quotes “Mistakes are proof that you are trying“. Each one of us has chosen success over failure by being an entrepreneur. Your path of being an independent business owner running a coaching class has not been easy, we all have made mistakes in running our business and still, you persist and that the amazing characteristic of a leader. You are the beacons of hope. Go out and start building leaders among others.

5) Encourage The Heart: Teachers should celebrate the victory by creating the spirit of community. Start building community among themselves and build an amazing experience for your students. When you create a spirit of community in your classes the people will come back, and they won’t come back alone. They will come back with their family and friends & their children. Start creating your coaching class alumni meeting with your present & past batch of students. That will build the spirit of community. 

Leadership is all about encouraging the heart of others. The best leaders are, the life they lead is the legacy you leave behind with themselves, by this note Mr Shridhar has ended his beautiful & inspiring speech. 

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