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MCOA Annual Fest 2019 Detail Report

Teacher’s Day Celebration & Felicitation Program 2019 by MCOA


I got a  golden opportunity to celebrate Annual Class Owners’ Fest 2019 organised by MCOA. The event was organised at majestical level. Maharashtra Class Owners’ Association is truly an association of the class owners, by the class owners and for the class owners which was observed at King George Auditorium where more than 900 coaching class owners attended the event with all zest and zeal despite overnight heavy rainfall which disturbed the transportation facilities but the class owners were so enthusiastic to celebrate the event that they reached the auditorium by beating the odd weather.

The event was started at 9:30 a.m. with a welcome speech by Avirat Shete followed by the lighting of the lamp by Bambhvani Sir, Ankit Sir and Prof. Sapna Jha. 

The celebration began with Rajasthani Ghoomar folk dance performance which made everyone dance on the toe. After that the guest of honour Mr. Mahesh Shetty an ‘edupreneur’, founder and promoter of ‘ MT Educare Ltd’ was felicitated. Later on, many great masters who have contributed more than 30 yrs of service in the field of education were given an awards throughout the event.

Speech by Mr. Mahesh Shetty

This was followed by a speech from Shri Mahesh Shetty who spoke about teachers responsibility. With advent of excessive information available with the students, students are more informed than earlier.  So it’s the responsibility of the teacher to do their homework before taking the lectures and adopt multiple methods of teaching.

It has to be a learner centric approach, you can’t expect student entering the class, you expect a learner entering the class. For students a class is more like a discovery channel, as he doesn’t know what his teachers will going to talk today, classwork won’t help him much. The teacher should focus more on giving the pre-work. Where a student know what his teacher will going to talk today. As there are already many technological disruptions going on majorly in all the sectors. We are sceptical about the future of education. All the class owners must adopt technology at their centre to increase their productivity and focus on better teaching methodology.

Then Munawwar Ali and his team has mesmerised the event with the old melodious songs of Kishore Da & Rafi Saheb. Everyone was singing along with munawwar which actually gave the feeling of live concert. Later then the President of MCOA Mr. Sachin Karnawat gave a speech where he gave the detailed report of newly appointed MCOA committee, which has taken the reigns 2 years ago. Few important points from the speech.

Speech by Mr. Sachin Karnwat

  • Currently MCOA has 2500 registered members.
  • Successfully withdrawal of draft forced on the class owner by the government.
  • Given MCOA media coverage and few important points were reached to the masses using media
  • Whistle blower against paper leaks and NEET 1st rank holder claim & published by 3 institute.
  • Tragic fire accident at Surat, MCOA has taken the step and made a request to the government to provide time to undertake all fire safety measures in the premises.
  • 5 lakh donation to flood relief area.
  • On doing a SWOT analysis of MCOA team, the weakness which was found was, that MCOA has not been able to curb school / college teacher forcing student to join their own classes but the team is working on it. 
  • With the help of membership & sponsorship MCOA had collected 4 million INR.

In the end as said by Mr. Sachin Karnawat there are more than 30,000 classes across Maharashtra and at present more than 900 members are sitting in the auditorium and enjoying the event. We are envisioning where all the 30,000 classowner are present and enjoying the moment. Lets come together and be the part of MCOA


As the speech concluded, the second Garba folk dance performance began by the group of the dancers. After the amazing dance performance. Its time for the honourable Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil kakodkar an Indian nuclear physicist and mechanical engineer and Ex Director of the BARC was felicitated by presenting him a trophy and shawl. The felicitation of excellent authors, great NGO’s and industry legends. We eagerly waited to hear the speech from our chief guest Dr. Anil kakodkar.

Speech by Dr. Anil Kakodkar

He got stumped by looking at the way teachers day is celebrated by MCOA. He said that this is the event where class owner enjoy apart for working hard day-in day-out. Education in India is changing rapidly. If we want to catchup with rest of the world, then start preparing your students in such a manner where they can outperformed the brighter people outside India. Conviction & wanted to out-perform is the key objective of education activist. From agricultural era to the industrial era to knowledge Era. We are living in a knowledge era, where knowledge will be in prominence. Education is the under deprived sector which need to change most. Future of education & coaching class is in danger because of google, educational app & other upcoming technology. Dr. Anil is been associated in creating a technological vision for the country. He mentioned about education roadmap for India by 2035 in TIFAC ( tifac.org.in ).

Request to look at the documentation, how our education will change using technology. The way we conduct education whether in schools / universities / colleges / coaching classes will become irrelevant because of technology. Start making your institute technology & data driven to meet the growing technological needs. Students are striving for more information, so they will keep on accessing google & other apps. Technology based approach will impart lots of add-on value to all. “Right intervention in education will lead India by leaps & bound”. Education should be necessarily boosted using technology. Especially focused on questioning students about their understanding of the subject. Conceptual clarity and ability to solve problems should be the focus of education. He mentioned coaching class economy is more than total education budget of the country. Teachers are very important for the society that empowers people, everyone sitting over here should make huge contributions to overcome the challenges in the field of education.

Speech by Mr. Shekhar Suman

After that, third folk Naga dance performed on the stage. As the performance concluded, the celebrity chief guest Shekhar Suman an Indian film actor, anchor, producer, director and singer was felicitated

The celebrity guest Shekhar Suman shared very relevant information that be student all your life and always keep learning, Life teaches you the best lesson and you have to learn from life and your teachers.

Whatever you are and whatever you achieve in your life is not possible without a teacher, so you required teacher to get wisdom in your life. It is impossible to built nation without education, education is the biggest game changer in the life of the students. He wishes everyone a happy teachers day, but as he rightly said teachers day should be celebrated every day, as we always keeps on learning from our teachers every day. As told by Mr. Shekhar’s father, “Respect every person you met. As you don’t know the person whom you are meeting is more educated, excellent & talented than what you are. The person can have more knowledge than what you possess. So keep learning from everyone to whom you meet. And keep sharing your knowledge with those who are lacking”.  Mr. Suman said he is always ready to support the education and the education system in India. And  he promise to being part of any thing which is related to education he will always be a pillar of support.

Speech by Dr. RadhKrishnan Pillai

After that, the speech was given by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai who utter a phrase “teacher saadharan nahi hota, pralay aur nirmaaan dono uskkhe goadh mein kehlte hai”. We always need a teacher for our help. He focused on the biggest challenge that a teacher faces is from google, as students have started verifying the calibre of the teacher with the information they acquired. 

He also said, Informed student doesn’t mean wise or knowledgeable students. Our role as a teacher is to give wisdom and knowledge to our students. Do research on your subject area. Put some spiritual thoughts. Teach leadership quality to your students are some of the important point that Dr. Pillai wants to every teacher to imbibe.

He said, as teacher grows in their career they started focusing towards management. He urge teachers to never stop taking the lectures. As teaching is the base of a teacher, and your student should know you as a teacher and this is your respect. Position may come and go, but a teacher within you should never dies.

During the event others felicitation of Co – Sponsors, media partners, anchors and event organisers were going on and then in the end vote of thanks was given by Mr. Prajesh. MCOA events are a great platform to exchange ideas and establish network with class owners from across Maharashtra. The whole function was planned and managed by various members of the association. I had throughly enjoyed the event so do everyone presented in the auditorium. The program concluded at 2:00 p.m. with National Anthem followed by a delicious lunch. Everyone went home with excellent memories and started waiting for the next grand event to happen soon.

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